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Our Approach

"It's about engaging the right people in the right companies, with the right message, and nurturing that conversation until the right time."

If you are selling complex solutions into niche vertical sectors or selling horizontal solutions into lots of sectors then you need to build relationships with your prospects over their buying cycle. To do this, you need to make sure

  • you know which organisations are your key target prospects
  • you have a relationship with the right contacts within those organisations
  • you understand their plans and challenges
  • and importantly, that they know about you, and realise the value you can bring to their business.

You probably make use of a multitude of marketing and communication channels – direct mail, email, websites, events, social media - to deliver your message and solicit information from your prospects and to generate leads for your sales team.

But if you are not pulling that information together into a suitable CRM database and actually talking to your prospects on the telephone to gather and check information and build and nurture relationships, then you are probably wasting valuable sales resources chasing non-sales ready or poorly qualified opportunities and on inappropriate marketing activities.

CSQ Marketing is your demand generation partner, bridging the gap between your marketing and sales activities and helping you generate and nurture lead and enquiries into highly qualified sales opportunities for your sales team.

Our success is based on:

  • Deep understanding of your products and markets
  • Strong relationships with Marketing AND Sales
  • Long term nurturing of the target prospects throughout the life cycle
  • Prospect data management – using our own CRM and proven processes
  • Agreed processes to ensure closed loop approach
  • Experienced business-savvy callers
  • Feeding back market intelligence direct from your prospects
  • Flexibility to meet your challenges and changing needs

There is no "magic wand" that can instantly produce high quality sales opportunities. It takes time, hard work and good data management.

We usually start working with new clients on a 3 month pilot, at the end of which, you will get a good overview of your target market and the current opportunities in that market - along with, of course, some great appointments.

We will also make recommendations on your future marketing strategy and tactics and how we can work with your marketing and sales teams to ensure you can maintain a steady stream of sales opportunities.

We like to measure success by outcomes – sales pipeline and deals won – rather than activities such as marketing leads generated or calls made. We also feed back market intelligence directly from your prospects and provide the flexibility to meet your challenges and changing needs

Lead Generation

We can help you maintain a steady stream of saleable leads for your sales team.

Lead Generation
Our Approach

We bridge the gap between your marketing and sales activities, and help you generate and nurture sales enquiries into highly qualified leads.

Our Approach
Our Clients

We have worked with a wide variety of clients in the B2B sector, many of them over a number of years, helping them to build and nurture relationships in their target market sectors.